Venture Building and Training

Innovation is not just a buzzword. It requires both inspiration and a change in processes to be effective.

Tain & Able Venture’s partners with corporate entities to create new products, teams and businesses that compliment their existing and future markets. We bring incubation to the corporate world.

Tain & Able’s background and roots in the startup community places it in the perfect situation to bring the start up culture and mentality to your corporate.

Through our focused training and consultancy services, Tain & Able have delivered insight and structure into:

  • Why should an employee want to be creative and innovative
  • Where to look for innovation in the product life cycle
  • Internal vs external innovation – being aware
  • Innovation hierarchy
  • Measuring innovation
  • Presenting ideas to a board
  • The importance of thinking MVP in everything we do
  • Lean Approach – How to think lean and think big?