Social Media Training

Most companies understand the importance of social media but often, the value is not fully seen.

When implementing a social media campaign or policy, it is important to ensure that the essential skills are available internally.

At Tain and Able, we help you kick start your social media efforts by ensuring the essential knowledge has been transferred to your team. Therefore, if you feel that your social media could perform better or that your team may need to update their skills, Tain and Able delivers bespoke courses that meet your internal requirements. As with all our services, our work delivers upon those essential KPIs.

A typical course module may include:

  • Understanding the social media dynamics
  • The importance of social media on your business
  • Who to involve and how to get them excited about social media
  • The post – it’s all about engagement
  • Increasing your conversions on social media
  • Discovering the persona for your social presence