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Product marketing, cause people don’t buy products based on Nutritional Info

How can you relate product marketing to a CEO who is not from a product marketing era.

When at a supermarket, trying to buy a product, you do not browse the nutrition label on each competing product. Possible, you would first short-list based on brand, then on packaging, than maybe, if you are a fitness freak, you may check out the products nutritional details. This supermarket experience is exactly what I had related at a recent meeting at a client.

Basically, the meeting with a CEO of a company started off like this:

“People are simply not aware of our company. If only more people knew that we exist. We could certainly sell more.”

True, to a certain extent. It continued:

“We need to advertise, explaining all the things we offer. List all the services we can, and show people everything we have to offer”.

Such a statement has so many false assumptions in it that it is a concern.

Marketing, according to many SME’s, is perceived to be about creating awareness of a list of services or of what is on offer. The problem is that the awareness created is about the companies existence, rather than about how a product delivers a solution. Alternatively, the marketeer will focus on the features or characteristics, similar to the supermarket shelf filled with products just showing nutritional value.

Product marketing does more than talk about features. In fact, a product marketing expert would only talk about features later on in the sales cycle. To create awareness, a product marketing manager would discuss the problems directly related to the product at hand, as well as any other complimentary problems. The product marketer would discuss various approaches of solving such problems with this product, and structuring the product offer based on value in relation to solving that problem.

Yes, we are not talking about fast moving consumer goods when discussing product marketing, but think of it like this, if your product was on a shelf, for everyone to see, what elements of your product would they need to know before reading your nutritional value or list of features?

This is, a very small part of, product marketing.


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