Why should I need a business coach?

The following all had a business coach or mentor: Steve Jobs (Bill Campbell), Jodie Foster (Robert De Niro), Andy Murray (Ivan Lendl).

Individuals with his ambitions within any field typically have a coach or mentor. A great coach provides you with the benefit of being asked the right questions. In fact, a great coach answers more questions than answers. They force you to think about your business in a different way. A way that otherwise you wouldn’t.

Your business coach or mentor is also your go to person for perspective within a crisis.

The truth is that points-of-crisis happen. They will happen to you too. Not having a coach or mentor before a crisis happens may cause a tricky situation as the coach relationship will not have the necessary time to develop. That is why a business coach relationship is a necessity before things have gone haywire.

But what does a business coach deliver?


A Business Coach is always objective. This is critical because business owners cannot see themselves as others see them. They are too close to themselves or their business. If you are in your business every day, it is always refreshing to get a different point of view of your businesses. In a session with an Tain and Able Coach, you will not only get another perspective of what the possibilities are, but you will also get someone who is neutral, experienced in building businesses, and ready to ask the right questions for you.

Simplification of Problems

Business owners often feel that everything seems pressing and overwhelming. Every day involves a fire fighting session. Everything should have been done yesterday. A business coach understands this. We understand that time is not on your side. More importantly we help you prioritise that time to ensure that you are achieving your objectives. You will arrive at the CORE of the problem and be able to act. A business coach simplifies your problem, breaks it down and delivers a sense of clarity.

Time for strategy

A Tain and Able business coach does tactical and strategic. Having a fixed slot within your schedule with a business coach allows you to set aside sometime to think about strategy, talk it through, and be challenged on it.

A Tain and Able coach is a bit like a personal trainer for your business. We understand your targets, we guide you through the process, we deliver a higher self-awareness and we set smarter goals for you and your business.


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