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In a dull industry? Content Marketing does work for you too

Most are already convinced that content marketing works. Thousands of businesses use it, and use it successfully. It allows business to develop some form of authority, rank on Google better, develop relationships, and give value back to your target market.

But why do business don’t use content marketing?

At a recent start up event, someone commented that their industry was dull. Plain vanilla that is monotone. Nothing exciting about it. Just one big constant.

Think software for fund management. Several companies do it, all in a similar way. Meh.

The good news is that there is no such thing as a dull industry. An industry may be labelled as dull because the creative writers are dull. If you put enough dullness in an industry, shouting the same thing to its target audience, you get a dull industry.

The trick in all this is to see opportunity.

Yes, dull industries are greater opportunities for content marketing

An ‘interesting’ industry is full innovative writers and marketing talent that are all injecting interesting content into their target market and are being engaging. This makes it a challenge for marketing professionals to constantly remain interesting, and out engage your competition.

A dull industry simply needs a fresh perspective on things. Possibilities are endless, it is just a matter of thinking outside the proverbial box and fighting the dull.

“OK, the typical think outside-the-box statement that solves all problems. Like what?”

Let us look at your target customer. who are you talking to? I imagine that you know pretty clearly who you are aiming the content at.

Can you focus on any problems that they have? Whether it is in their professional or personal life, is there something that is engaging? Let us say that the topic is fund management software, most might find it dull. The fund managers and administrators are people with problems in their personal and professional life. Can you target these problems? You could talk about efficiencies, or how to do more in an 8 hour day, specifically to a fund managers work schedule. It could also be a stress issue with fund management that you can help to solve, or dealing with your better half on a bad day.

If this is still a challenge, try to think about supporting problems, challenges that may not be exactly within the industry but support the target customer anyway.

Word of Warning – Don’t be a 12 year old school kid 

All too often, content marketing delivers images of fury kittens and fluffy stories that are an utter insult.

Content marketing needs to be useful. It needs to be educational. Otherwise, don’t bother!

Many business use content marketing and fail to see the purpose. Many think volume is more important than quality.

Think of it like this: What content can I create that will maximise engagement (shares and retweets) and deliver value? Does this sound like a 5 minute job? Unlikely. This requires thought, creativity, and insight. Yes, it requires effort. But, it can also deliver huge results.

Ok, got it. But I know need real ideas.

Ideas often take some effort to be extracted. Let us call it inspiration.

Tips and tricks may include a search on twitter with a few key hash-tags, a Google search on other blogs or even social groups and pages. Most often, something will catch you eye and will start getting those brain juices flowing.

Therefore, you now know how to create content in a dull industry and more importantly, you understand that their is great potential and opportunity.

So in the words of a corny advert: go on, try it.

Having trouble coming up with an idea? Drop me an email at info @ with the subject line “NEED AN IDEA!” and will try and send you a couple.

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