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The importance of managing your customer’s online journey

The online customer journey, or conversion journey, is probably the most important concept in digital marketing. The customer journey is the diagram or path a customer goes through from discovery to actually making a transaction, meaning you actually making a sale. The importance in understanding this and its applicability has already led to entire industries and service providers solely focused on this function alone.

The one thing to keep in mind is applicability. A customer journey is unique to industry and sometimes even brands.

The importance in realising and understanding a customer journey is that it allows you to picture the behaviours and path of your customers and manage the steps within that journey. Once you understand that, you can then start to talk about customer conversions and reducing the amount of potential customers that don’t buy. This is where things get very interesting.

Even if al this is alien to you, you probably already have an offline or online customer journey. It could be that you either don’t manage it, but yet it exists, or that you call it a sales process. Managers that talk about generating enough opportunities that lead to enough sales meetings, that will eventually lead to proposals and at the end of it all, a smaller percentage will buy, understand offline conversions. Online conversions is similar though a lot more scalable.

A quick word of advise though is to not to get bogged down with micro elements. The initial focus needs to be the connection between one action and another, or one web page and another. The online customer journey is a process that is continually being optimised. The micro elements may need to come later.

Lastly, the online journey is had by people. Not bots but potential customers with values and emotions. By understanding your customers and managing the customer journey, great things can happen.

Can you draw up your customer journey?

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